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Client testimonials

Parent, Saratoga HIgh School, CA

Friends would ask.."are you getting concerned about the college application process???" - my answer was always "Yes" but I didn't know where to start and every time I would start the conversation with my student, I was met with intense resistance.


If you are wondering about when to start the college process, what it entails, which schools would be a better fit for your student, your budget, or anything else, engaging a college coach and advisor is the only answer. However, there are advisors and there is Stephanie Griffith!


Stephanie coaches future college applicants through the process and keeps parents informed and engaged. Her initial research covered schools nationwide based on our specific range of requirements, public, private, campus size, budget, and geography. She kept me on track as well by sending links for financial aid forms and managed the extensive schedule of due dates for my son. I felt incredibly supported throughout the process and her methodology allowed my student to make his own decisions and become accountable for the universities and colleges he selected. Her positive communication empowers students; my son enjoyed working with her and was super willing to be accountable to her. 

Parent, Archbishop Mitty High School, CA

Stephanie was worth her weight in gold!!! She guided my daughter from head to toe throughout the college admissions process. From creating a comprehensive list of fit and match schools, to assisting in the brainstorming and essay writing process, to helping with activity lists and teacher recommendations. Most importantly, she kept my daughter on track to meet her deadlines and requirements so I could focus on supporting her without constant nagging and conflict. I trust in Stephanie's comprehensive advice and highly recommend her!

Parent, Presentation high school, CA

I can not say enough great things about Griffith Educational Consulting! Stephanie is truly professional and knows her stuff. Our daughter had college application support at school, but the personal engagement and 1:1 interaction was a huge help. Worth every penny!

Parent, Denver South High School, Colorado

I cannot recommend Stephanie Griffith or her services as a college consultant highly enough. She has worked with my son since his junior year and through all college applications. He has really enjoyed the time with her and has felt more calm and focused through a confusing process. As parents it has given us the best opportunity for a successful search and exploration of colleges, costs, aid available, and applications. The college application process is very complex and Stephanie allowed us to be parents in the process instead of the experts and made it more enjoyable for us all. 

Parent, Waialua High School, Hawaii

I can’t imagine having gone through the college search and application process without Stephanie’s guidance and support. The process felt so daunting for my daughter and I and Stephanie really helped us with a focused approach that kept us organized, targeted and confident that we were going about things in the right way!  My daughter instantly felt comfortable with Stephanie’s friendly approach and really valued her feedback on essays as well as potential schools to add or remove from the list.  Stephanie not only kept us on top of deadlines, she also opened up ideas and opportunities we would not have otherwise known to explore.  I highly recommend this service for any parent/student embarking on the college exploration and application process.  I know for a fact we would have missed something had we not had the tools and knowledge Stephanie provided.  Thank you Stephanie!!

Parent, Leland High SchooL, CA

My daughter is graduating from Leland high school, and Stephanie was a great influence on her and helped her immensely with her college applications. She was always very attentive and helped her with ideas for her essays, yet encouraged her to speak as her own individual. I’m excited to have my other daughters work with Stephanie!

Student, Valley Christian High School, CA

Stephanie made the college app process as smooth as it could have been. She helped me structure a 6 month plan, allowing me to stay on top of my work, and as stress free as possible! Stephanie made our meetings a very positive environment, never making me feel anxious for our meetings. She was great in helping me, and I totally recommend her!

Student, Los Gatos High School, CA

Griffith Educational Consulting provided me with a resource to get ahead of the college admissions game. I was helped in so many ways, which ultimately got me accepted into my dream school.

Student, Leland High School, CA

Stephanie made my college applications process so much easier and stress free!! I felt confident submitting all of my essays and applications as she informed me on what exactly I needed to include and how to make them better. I have three younger sisters who will definitely be using Stephanie as well when going through their college application process.

Student, Westmont High School, CA

I highly recommend using Stephanie because she helps you keep everything in order and makes sure you don’t end up procrastinating. It was extremely helpful having her guide me through the college admissions process!

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