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Griffith Educational Consulting primarily works on a comprehensive package basis; however, every family is different and every student has unique needs. Please get in touch so we can discuss the best option for your student.

All of the below services are included in the comprehensive college advising package:

General College Advising

  • One-on-one meetings (in person or via Zoom)

  • Provide an overview of the college application process

  • Discuss student’s interests, activities and college goals

  • Personalized account with College Planner Pro (CPP), which is an online portal that keeps students organized and informed throughout the college application process

  • Follow-up email to students and parents summarizing each meeting and ‘to do’ items


Making the Most of High School

  • Create a 4-year high school plan personalized to the student

  • Guidance on high school course selection

  • Advice on activities and leadership opportunities that cultivate the student’s interests

  • Creation of an activities and awards list that will be updated regularly during the high school years

  • Recommendations on summer enrichment opportunities that align with the student’s interests and strengths


Researching Various Colleges

  • Examine various factors of finding a ‘good fit college’

  • Corsava Card Sort exercise to help determine student’s college priorities

  • Introduce students to colleges they have not yet considered

  • Guide students in effectively researching colleges

  • Advice on how to make the most of college tours


Exploring Careers and Majors                         

  • Assign exercises and provide tools for exploring college majors

  • Administer personality/interest/career assessments

  • Recommendations on pre-college programs, internships and research opportunities that help the student explore a possible college major or career


Approach to Standardized Testing

  • Provide SAT and ACT diagnostic tests to determine which test is best for each student

  • Recommendations for online test prep and in person test prep tutors

  • Guidance on when and how many times to take the SAT or ACT

  • Advice on when to submit/not submit scores to test optional colleges

  • Advanced Placement (AP) test recommendations as it applies to college applications


Guidance for College Essays

  • Create essay timelines and deadlines

  • Guidance on brainstorming and developing the personal statement, UC PIQs and supplemental essays

  • Providing feedback on multiple essay drafts

  • Use of Prompt, an essay management tool, which helps the student stay organized as they write various college essays


Creating the College List

  • Creation of a personalized list of colleges that takes into account the student’s interests, major, and financial situation

  • Guidance on finalizing a balanced college list the student will apply to

  • Meeting with students and parents to discuss the college list in the summer before senior year


Additional Application Materials & Tools

  • Create an application timeline to help keep the student on track

  • Assist the student with selection of teacher recommenders

  • Advice on and review of the college application 'activitites and awards' list

  • Guidance in creating and formatting a college resume highlighting the student’s accomplishments

  • Advice and practice for college interviews


Understanding Financial Aid

  • Overview of college Cost of Attendance (COA), merit aid, FAFSA, CSS Profile, need based aid and Estimated Family Contribution (EFC).

  • Reminders to parents on when to fill out the FAFSA and CSS Profile

  • Recommendations on colleges offering significant merit aid


Additional Services

Review of Portfolio Materials for Film, Animation, Digital Media, Creative Producing, Dance, Architecture, etc. will be done on an hourly basis

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